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Pinnacle Home Healthcare, Inc. is dedicated to the delivery of exceptional in-home healthcare and rehabilitation. We offer services that include: Skilled Nursing, Psych Nursing, Physical, Occupational, and Speech Therapy, Medical Social Work, and Home Health Aides—serving the residents of Orange, Osceola, Seminole, Brevard and Polk Counties. It is our goal that every patient has the choice and ability to maintain independence and recover safely at home. Please browse our website for details about our company and the quality services we offer. Thank you for choosing Pinnacle!


Pinnacle Home Healthcare, Inc. is a clinician-owned and operated home health care agency. Being clinician-owned sets us apart from the corporate tangle, allowing us to be more patient-centered and expeditious with changes. This is accomplished by using experienced clinicians who have a strong commitment to excellence in patient care. Our belief is that education and communication are two of the most important factors in promoting healthy lifestyles, amid improving the management of disease and disorder prevention. Our skilled clinicians also use the latest in technological advancements and healthcare research in their care delivery. These valuable resources enable Pinnacle to remain an industry leader in accessibility, efficiency and reliability for homecare services.


Our Mission at Pinnacle Home Healthcare is to provide the best C.A.R.E. in Central Florida. In order to provide this care, we focus on four Core Values: Compassion, Attention to Detail, Respect and Excellence.

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The compassion that we show when we serve you, will expedite your complete healing process.

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Attention to Detail

From assessment to discharge, our clinician's attention to detail will make the difference in your recovery.

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It's an honor to be in your home and you will be treated with respect and dignity

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Constant communication and excellence in delivery of care will ensure a successful recovery.

Our "mission" represents who we are as clinicians and as an agency. As we guide our patients through their recovery and back to independence, they can expect to receive only the best C.A.R.E. from us!


“I would like to thank Pinnacle for the excellent care my husband got these last few weeks. Pam, our nurse, helped solve many health problems of my husband. Very caring and respectful, very good listener. When I called the office for extra help, Susanna responded and sent a nurse within the hour. My husband and I are both grateful.” R. P.


"I am doing well. Liliana (PT) is “SUPER, SUPER, SUPER.” Liliana is always courteous and respectful. The only thing that Pinnacle can do better is to have 12 Lilianas and let her work with me every day."


"Liliana (PT) goes above and beyond both personally and professionally. She convinced me to quit drinking Coca-Cola because drinking it would make my condition worse. Pam (SN) has been excellent as well; Pamela knew that I should have gotten better sooner than I was so she told me to go to see my doctor. Jackie (PT) is awesome! She taught me the correct way to do exercises and she made sure the exercises were done correctly. I only saw Leane (PT) twice but she was awesome as well. The team was excellent. "


"I am doing fine thanks to the care I received from Mimi (SN), Liliana (PT), and Lisa (OT). The ladies were absolutely courteous and respectful. I am thankful for the ladies. They always showed up on time and called ahead. I would definitely recommend Pinnacle. "


Deborah (PT) and Bojana (PTA): "Therapists are out of this world! They have really done my mom a lot of good." Gigi Ahmad (SN): "I would definitely recommend Pinnacle! It has been a great experience, only home health agency I have been happy with! We really enjoy clinicians and appreciate the great care provided to my mother."

Jacquelyn L. (Audry S.'s daughter

Maria (SN) and Jacqueline (PT): "Jacqueline was really good with me; she gave me exercises to try on my own that helped out a lot! Delightful person to have at home, very sweet and nice girl, she really knew what she was doing. All my family really liked her, she was a joy to have around, very considerate! Both clinicians were excellent! Maria is also very sweet and knowledgeable, she checks everything and keeps me involved in my care. I am very happy with care from Pinnacle."

Vickie C.

Miraflor (SN) and Mitchell (OT):"Overall, care and clinicians have been beyond amazing, they are SUPERB! They both reviewed and explained everything very thoroughly throughout care."

David H. (Mary H.'s grandson)

"Loved Leane (PT)! She did a beautiful job with the treatment. I am able to move my right foot where before I didn't. She carries a plan."

Marcia S.

"They (clinicians) provided the best service so far. We have had quite a few home agencies that come and go, but you guys stayed throughout the time being. I'm very happy!"


"Dear Pinnacle Family, Thank you for touching our hearts, enhancing and extending Dad’s life through your loving care. You made it possible for me to have quality time with Dad on his journey Home. Each of you, through your loving care and dedication made the journey sweet."

Tony & JR

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